domingo, 24 de julio de 2011


beige shirt: 60 Bs.F

skirt: 40 Bs.F

jacket: 100Bs.F

short skirt: 30Bs.F

white pants: 150 Bs.F

shoes: 80 Bs.F

bracelets: 15 Bs.F

cap: 50 Bs.F

Backpack: 60 Bs.F

Chain: 20 Bs.F

What does shakira Mebarak do?

Shakira Mebarak What to do?

-What does she do?

She is a singer.

-What does the person exactly?

is a singer, songwriter, record producer and dancer Colombian pop rock genre in Spanish and English.

-Where does she work?
She works internationally.

-What's the personality?
Very supportive and dedicated, loving especially with children, loves his parents and considers his best friends.

-What's she like?

The color black, Arabic food, seafood and chocolate, clay work, loves sports and likes to play the harmonica and guitar. Also likes to collect rings.

Final project

viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

Plane home

I live in a house is big, in my house there are three bedrooms, a living room, internal kitchen and two bathrooms, a garage and have a dental clinic.

My favorite room

my room is my favorite place in the house because that's where I'm alone, I have peace, comfort, spend all day locked and nobody bothers me. 

Two songs...

JESSIE J ft. B.o.B - Price Tag

My comment is:
Meaning of this song:
1. It's not about the money
2. Money can't buy us happiness
3. There are moments in life that love conquers money

The part I like most of the song is:
Ain't about the (ha) Cha-Ching Cha-Ching.
Aint about the (yeah) Ba-Bling Ba-Bling
Wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the Price Tag.

By: Laura Prada

My comment is:

I really like this song because it talks about a boy who wants to be a billionaire but not for bad things, on the contrary to help people in need..

Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every night oh
I swear the world better prepare
for when I’m a billionaire

By:Laura Prada

A poem for my dad

Javier de Jesús Prada Plata
By: Laura Prada
Happy, beautiful, crazy, loving,
Father of Juan, and Laura
Who loves  football, her family and helping others
Who is afraid of rats, accidents and loneliness.
want to see a large family with a great future.

domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

The Sunday sleeping or seeing my friends, weekdays at the

 University and doing homework, going to the dentist, go to the

 movies and visit my tia.los Saturday morning cleaning my room 

and go shopping.

My Classmates

Barranquilla's Carnaval

Barranquilla's Carnaval (Spanish: Carnaval de Barranquilla) is Colombia's most important folklore celebration. It is one of the biggest carnivals in the world, after Rio de Janeiro. The carnival has traditions that date back to the 19th century. Forty days before Holy Week, Barranquilla decks itself out to receive national and foreign tourists, and join together with the city's inhabitants to enjoy four days of intense festivities. During the carnival Barranquilla's normal activities are paralyzed because the city gets busy with street dances, musical and masquerade parades. Barranquilla´s Carnival includes dances like the Spanish paloteo, African congo and indigenous mico y micas. Many styles of Colombian music are also performed, most prominently cumbia, and instruments include drums and wind ensembles. The Carnival of Barranquilla was proclaimed Cultural Masterpiece of the Nation by Colombia's National Congress on 2002..[1] Also the UNESCO, in Paris on November 7, 2003, declared it as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, and it was during Olga Lucia Rodriquez Carnival Queen year.
The Carnival starts on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday with the Battle of the Flowers, which is considered one of the main activities. Then, The Great Parade on Sunday and Monday is marked by an Orchestra Festival with Caribbean and Latin bands. Tuesday signals the end of the carnival, announced by the burial of Joselito Carvajal, who is mourned by everyone.

Barranquilla´s Carnival slogan is: Who lives it,is who
enjoys it (Quien lo vive, es quien lo goza).

virgin Chiquinquira patron of the Zulian

The story of that virgin, dates back to 1709 (date declared by the Catholic Church,although several historians differ on this one) where an old woman washing clothes on the banks of Lake Maracaibo, is a table moments later would use to fill a jar whichcollected water in your home. Legend has it that women after filling with water container found, was drawn to the Virgin Mary on the piece of wood, as well asMarian devotion, hung on a wall the crappy table.

  Sometime later, then sonar continuous blows, the old woman went to the roomwhere hung the picture, and biggest surprise has been taken to see that this bright light sprang directly from the figure, once blurred, Virgen del Chiquinquirá. The Croneshouted "miracle, miracle" (since then, the avenue near where he lived in Maracaibois called The Miracle) and began a series of situations, including the construction of the basilica, now home where she lives, who concluded at the Fair of the Chinita,festivity that is celebrated for over 42 years in Maracaibo and 12 in the Municipality of San Francisco.

sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011

A poem for my mom .

Luz Mary Naranjo
By: Lau Prada

Happy, beautiful, crazy, loving,
Mother of Juan, and Laura
Who loves music, her family and helping others

Who is afraid of rats, crime and loneliness
want to see a large family

Happy day to all moms of the world

viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

Welcome to my blog Task!!!

                           Hi, there .. Welcome to my blog. I made it for my English Level 2 class.
My name is Laura Prada, I'm from Barranquilla, Colombia;  but I have 8 years living in Maracaibo, Venezuela. I’m 17 years old and I study graphic design at URBE. My favorite subject is graphic design workshop.
I love vallenato, the Simpson , watch tv, surfing the net, talking on the phone with my friends, pizza, chicken, chocolate, my family, Colombia, and my dog shaky.

I hate emos, Ignorance, Violence, Injustice, clean and I can not "bear"hypocritical and ungrateful people.

my dream is to become one of the best graphic design and travel to Europe.

ABOUT ENGLISH, i can say it is a very Important language, because it is used in all countries or nearly all with this language we can meet more people..
Live like there's no tomorrow :)